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Our history

  • 1959

    Thomas de la Rue de Colombia S.A. is created in Colombia.

  • 1961

    The Thomas de la Rue de Colombia S.A. security printing factory is inaugurated in Bogotá.

  • 1963

    De La Rue Transportadora de Valores S.A. is created to serve the Colombian cash in transit market.

  • 1991

    Thomas de La Rue de Colombia S.A. is acquired by Thomas Greg & Sons Ltd.

  • 1992

    Peajes S.A. is created for toll operations and the roads tenders.

  • 1993

    Thomas Greg & Sons Ltd. acquires the company Interandina Impresora de Valores C.A. that becomes Thomas Greg & Sons de Venezuela C.A.

  • 1993

    Connaught Insurance Company Limited is established as a subsidiary of Thomas Greg & Sons located in Guernsey, Channel Islands

  • 1996

    Thomas Seguridad Integral is created to support the physical and electronic security needs of the group.

  • 1997

    Thomas Greg & Sons Perú S.A. is established in association with Piedul

  • 1997

    Thomas Greg & Sons partners with the Grupo Calidata-Lithoformas of Mexico forming Grupo Calidata Thomas Greg & Sons de Mexico S.A de C.V

  • 1998

    Thomas Greg & Sons Ltd. acquires Midwest Bank Note Company in the United States.

  • 2000

    Thomas Greg & Sons do Brasil Ltda. is established to serve the brazilian security printing market.

  • 2004

    Bestforms Inc. is created in association with local partners to serve the security printing market of the Philippines.

  • 2005

    Thomas MTI is established as a document management company

  • 2007

    Thomas Greg & Sons Hong Kong Ltd. is created in China to produce security printing products for the local market.

  • 2008

    Thomas Greg & Sons partners with the Indian company Manipal Technologies Limited

  • 2008

    In association with Chanwanich Security Printing Co. Ltd. of Thailand and Manipal Technologies Ltd. from India, MCT Cards & Technology Private Limited is established in Manipal to serve the plastic cards market in India.

  • 2012

    Securid S.A.S is created to provide identity validation services for the Colombian market.

  • 2013

    TGS Card Solutions is inaugurated in association with the Calidata Thomas Greg & Sons Group, Chan Wanich Security Printing Co. Ltd. and Manipal Technologies to serve the plastic cards market in Mexico.

  • 2013

    Technology and Security Printing S.R.L is established in Italy to serve the Italian security printing market.

  • 2016

    Thomas Processing & Systems S.A.S is established in Colombia to provide electoral and IT solutions.

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